Performing Grecian Remains, plus some Comedy and Tragedy

Our first day clearly demonstrated the meaning of our topic.  After a very long day during which Shirley’s luggage was lost (the tragedy), we visited the Acropolis museum.  More to come on the museum later, particularly the Elgin marbles, but it was fascinating to see the layering of history and storytelling represented in the museum.  The layers are literally present, visible through the glass floor.

The story of the Acropolis captures the story of Greece and its wars, invasions, and occupations.  The museum tells this story from the perspective of the Greeks.  The floors of the museum represent the Acropolis as it should ideally be, and stands in the shadow of the real building.

And for the comedy of the day, it has to be watching the theater faculty geeking out, and almost getting us in trouble, at the theater at Epidaurus.

…..posted by Heather